Quimby Lane Redevelopment

Bernardsville, NJ

Despite its prime location and ideal NJ Transit Station proximity, Bernardsville’s downtown Quimby Lane area has for decades experienced high vacancy rates and disinvestment. Municipal authorities agree that these conditions are the result of a number of factors underscored by insufficient parking and restrictive zoning preventing sensible mixed-use development.

In answer to these challenges, Bernardsville’s Council has taken proactive steps to declare the district an “Area in Need of Redevelopment,” while adopting an overlay ordinance to facilitate its revitalization. The borough has in turn selected a Master Developer responsible for carrying out an overall “Quimby Village” revitalization project.

With Melillo Equities’ existing assemblage of properties located at the heart of the defined Quimby Village, we eagerly anticipate its future role as cornerstone of the revitalization project. We look forward to working with the Master Developer in delivering a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood to Bernardsville’s historic downtown and continuing our work to redefine Somerset County’s suburban landscape.