Far Hills, NJ

New Jersey’s affordable housing mandates aim to combat housing shortages throughout the state, but requirements can be daunting for small suburban villages such as Far Hills. However, following several years of deliberation, Melillo Equities’ proposal to redevelop the former Errico Acres property was selected by community members and leadership to help the borough retire its “Round III” affordable housing obligations through 2025.

Melillo Equities has partnered with Pulte Homes to introduce Kimbolton, an inclusionary 163-unit neighborhood set to deliver 29 new income-restricted residences to the borough. The affordable housing component will be owned and managed by Melillo Equities. Far from the stereotypical image of lower-income apartment “projects”, the structure is designed to foster equity and acceptance within the upscale development. Its exterior will intentionally match that of its surroundings, featuring the same traditional farmhouse architectural elements and materials. Residents will also enjoy full access to the property’s amenities, trails, and landscaped grounds.

Special initiatives were incorporated to minimize municipal impact, including an age restriction (55+) to eliminate strain on public school enrollment, generous viewshed corridor-protecting setbacks, and on-site wastewater treatment to prevent “creeping sewer line”, thereby discouraging future area development. As a bonus, Kimbolton has preserved a substantial tract of property adjacent to an existing conservation easement, resulting in one of the Borough’s largest contiguous protected wildlife habitats.

In a state consistently ranked one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation, inclusionary projects such as Kimbolton can present a win-win for small suburban towns faced with the challenge of meeting affordable housing requirements while minimizing community and environmental impact.