158 Route 206 Self-Storage

Peapack & Gladstone, NJ

Peapack & Gladstone, as with other smaller and historically sensitive municipalities, lacks access to an adequate number of local self-storage facilities. For years local market demand has far outweighed supply – largely due to zoning which did not anticipate the need. As a result, residents and businesses requiring self-storage must now travel a minimum of 20 minutes to the nearest facilities.

The former Peapack-Gladstone Bank/FinPro site, located at 158 Route 206, will be the exception. Built in 1986 for both office and storage, the existing 40,000 sq. ft. steel and reinforced concrete building is perfectly positioned for adaptive reuse as a highly secure, climate-controlled self-storage facility. Its five floors (two partially subterranean) are currently configured in a “T” shape. A planned 40,000 sq. ft. addition will create a quadrilateral square-shaped storage complex, doubling available space and offering a wide variety of storage options.

A local landmark, the building’s stately brick colonial façade and gable slate roof has for decades reflected the area’s historic and upscale character. Due to its prominent setting and sizable 1,000’ frontage along US Route 206, adherence to community-compatible aesthetics is of paramount importance. Mindfully minimizing visual impact, additional space will be constructed unobtrusively behind the existing façade, and via extension of underground levels. Surrounding site infrastructure will also be retained and reutilized, including drive isles, parking, and detention basins. A far cry from the typical image of self-storage, this creatively integrative approach will allow a timeless edifice to adapt to its new, non-traditional use – while remaining consistent with a historically sensitive community’s quaint small-town vernacular.